Jersey Wood (jerseywood) wrote in must_be_style,
Jersey Wood

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so i made it in here...

First things first. Thank you Charlotte for reccing me in here. You're gorgeous.

I'm so glad i got in here. Not only because i love fashion, but also because this means that other people think i'm fashionable. And of course, it's so much fun dissin someone's embarrassing red-carpet outfit.

Hello. I'm Jersey Wood, and i'm a fashion victim.

Let me begin with a little fashion crisis. I've got a date tonight and i can't decide between 2 dresses. Just go here for more explanation. I'd appreciate some good fashion advice.

That's it for now. But i'll be putting up pictures everytime i went on a shopping spree. Bye :o*
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I'm new to this community too and I know we've never met but personally I like the first dress.
tanx. It's the one i wore.