so i made it in here...

First things first. Thank you Charlotte for reccing me in here. You're gorgeous.

I'm so glad i got in here. Not only because i love fashion, but also because this means that other people think i'm fashionable. And of course, it's so much fun dissin someone's embarrassing red-carpet outfit.

Hello. I'm Jersey Wood, and i'm a fashion victim.

Let me begin with a little fashion crisis. I've got a date tonight and i can't decide between 2 dresses. Just go here for more explanation. I'd appreciate some good fashion advice.

That's it for now. But i'll be putting up pictures everytime i went on a shopping spree. Bye :o*
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Confession : The famous little black Gucci dress is actually a little black Miss Selfridge or Top Shop or something dress that costs no more than £20. You're not going to kick me out now, are you?
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It is an honour for me to be a part of this community. I was surprised and happy to find today that I was recced in.

Let's see; earlier in my career, I tried my hand at making my own style by vintage shopping, and you want to know something? That was pretty fun, and I knew exactly what to buy; exactly what would look right on me. Then a funny thing happened; my music became more mainstream, and my movie career took off, and suddenly, thrift wasn't gonna cut it.

I'll bet you've heard or read about me going "mall" as my next step. Well, not exactly. My next step was to go with the designers, my favorite being, you guessed it, Versace! Versace has been what I have gone with for many years, now. I find Versace looks best for me.