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So when Stella asked me if I wanted to join must_be_style, i was like "Me? Stylish?" I guess I had never really thought of myself in that sort of sense. I mean, I have clothes in a closet. I pull them out and I wear them. I like buying them, I have fun shopping, so yeah, I guess I was stylish. But just to make sure, I went snooping around online to see if anyone else thought so. Turns out, there was an entire website devoted to my fashion statements. So i liked, so i can't believe I ever wore.

Granted the site didn't have much content (the clothes sections, along with the hair and make-up sections were empty along with many other galleries) but it did have one section that caught my interest. It was a section of my top ten outfits, and I must say that whoever did this site had some good taste. I'll provide the link, and then give you my rundown on what outfits she thought were good.

Fashionist Charlotte Casiraghi: Favorite Outfits

Outfit 10: It's just jeans and t-shirt! Get over it!
Outfit 9:Once again, just a tank top and jeans. Although, the bandana looks good
Outfit 8: Casual Chic meets the Country Club! I always have like this outfit.
Outfit 7:Um, well that's not a good picture. I look like I'm being swallowed by a bird. But i swear, underneath that, it was semi-cute.
Outfit 6: Basic Black. A girl has to have a basic black outfit.
Outfit 5: I hate that outfit. The color washes me out.
Outfit 4: Love it, just love it.
Outfit 3: Same with this one. Chic and simple.
Outfit 2:OMG, the pink pashmina scarf. Everybody has to talk about this scarf. Maybe I should auction it off.
Outfit 1: White again. I really dislike this. It just makes me look so blah.

Wow, this has probably been so uninteresting for everyone but I thought it was funny. *laughs by herself*

But yeah, I love fashion, I love being in style, I love fashion shows. So if anyone ever wants to go shopping or to a show sometime (maybe Stella's) give me a ring.
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